The rapid development of two-dimensional code technology, has covered all areas. Two-dimensional code access control system embedded 2d barcode reader and it successfully used in the house.Two-dimensional code scanning recognition is in recent years with the development of smart phones, and gradually developed to identify control technology. Because the home owner can use smart phones, tablet PCs and other intelligent terminals for easy operation.The two-dimensional code scanning access control management system can be closely linked with the mobile phone APP,so that it can meet the convenience of visitors,is gradually recognited in moved and Identify market.

2D Barcode Reader

The principle of scanning the screen bar code to open the door is: in the door access control area to install 2d barcode scanner.In the user’s mobile phone APP application, the user only needs to log in the mobile APP client,and then click to open the screen two-dimensional code or get the two-dimensional printed bar code ticket,placed in front of the 2d barcode reader. After decoding the data by barcode scanner,it will first determine whether the user has permission to pass,and then open the door selectively.

2D Barcode Reader For Access Control System In The House

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