WeChat 2D Barcode Ticket Solution, through the micro-mail application form to obtain the audience registration information, and generate two-dimensional code sent to the audience phone. Ticket, through a specific self-check ticket terminal and the system connection for the audience to provide “self-help fast scan ticket service”.

Exhibition 2D Barcode Ticket Solution

1.APP Ticket Channel:
Exhibition organizers use 2D barcode ticketing technology, and expand the mobile APP booking channel! Pre-registration, the audience through the organizers of the official website for registration, you can get two-dimensional code entry permit;

Exhibition 2D Barcode Ticket Solution

2.Self-Check Ticket Service:
Self-check ticket service exhibition entrance, the addition of several self-check ticket terminal (such as: RD4100 mobile 2d barcode scanner). During the exhibition, the audience only in the self-check ticket terminal, self-cleaning code check, verify the success can enter, enjoy the quick check ticket service!!!

Exhibition 2D Barcode Ticket Solution

3.Real-time Data Analysis:
The background data system can display the ticket information of the audience in real time and generate the attendance check report so that the organizer can grasp the audience information, including the total number of participants and the number of participants every day.

WeChat mobile app 2d barcode ticket applications,it can effectively reduce the number of viewers waiting in line for ticket.Checking ticket, the audience only through the mobile phone WeChat registration, you can get the exhibition tickets 2d barcode.When used, visitors only need to sweep the self-help check window by mobile phone orders 2d bar code, scan code verification success, you can enter the area or venues by turnstile.

Exhibition 2D Barcode Ticket Solution
Products Recommended:
1.RD4500R Embedded Fixed Mount 2D Barcode Scanner
RD4500R using independent research and development of intelligent core decoding technology, can read the phone screen or paper barcodes;Core function modular design, can be achieved with the channel gates, intelligent access control, self-service terminal perfect embedded.

2.RD4100 mobile phone Desktop 2D Barcode Scanner (Two-dimensional Code APP Mobile Special )
RD4100 is RAKINDA independent research and development of fixed mount mobile 2d barcode scanner equipment, embedded in the world-class two-dimensional barcode reading engine, greatly improving the efficiency of the product, mobile phone 2d barcode recognition applications with perfect performance.