Barcode Recognition Technology In Electronic Tickets System


With the image of modernization, management integration, real-time information, security, reliability, accounting tightness characteristics. Electronic ticketing system using advanced electronic bar code production identification Barcode Recognition Technology and computer ticketing information management combined, so that the traditional manual ticket sales work, while the ticket management to a comprehensive automation, standardization, can fundamentally solve the bill query is difficult, ticket labor intensity Large status quo, improve the efficiency of bill management and customer service.

Many occasions in life need to use a variety of tickets (such as various tourist scenic spots, railways, highways, shipping and other industries charges), the traditional ticketing and ticketing management are based on manual operations, resulting in some specific of the peak period, the increase in the intensity of labor sales staff, the work efficiency is reduced, and managers can not be accurate statistics to scientific and reasonable arrangements for the work of the ticket staff, the end result is to lead customers to complain. High efficiency, low cost is the bar code technology in the ticketing management system application of the salient features, with Barcode Recognition Technology a combination of their own bar code in the field of advanced technology and products, QR code reader  to achieve a variety of ticket production and automated management, allowing users to bid farewell to manual tickets of the cumbersome, inefficient.