Hand-held pos machine:

Hand-held pos machine is also called mobile POS machines or wireless POS machines.The barcode scanner module and the NFC sensor embedded into mobile POS machines.The application of mobile sales in various industries.

Mobile POS machines are used in different industries with different categories of different names:

1.Financial industry:POS credit card machines,POS mobile terminal.

2.Book industry:book data collection, book inventory machine.

3.Supermarket industry: supermarket mobile POS machines,supermarket inventory device.

4.Pharmaceutical industry:pharmacy mobile POS machines, drug inventory machine, drug collection device.

5.Clothing industry: clothing mobile POS machines,clothing inventory machine.

Application areas:

1. Taxi communication, charge terminal

2. Ticket sales hand-held mobile terminal in bus or subway

3. Supermarkets,chain stores

4. Logistics data collection, image processing

5. Handheld mobile pos terminal in Expressway Auxiliary Ticket

6. The restaurants

Barcode Scanner Module