parking lot parking management systemWith the increase of vehicles in the city, the gap of parking spaces is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, a well-established parking management system can make the owners feel convenient and quick while parking, and make the entire parking lot in use. In the smooth and orderly, so that management departments to reduce labor costs, thereby enhancing economic efficiency and reduce labor intensity, to achieve scientific and efficient management, quality service purposes.

The main part of the program is as follows:

1, parking lot parking management system for real-time operation of the equipment to collect and monitor the state, and the relevant charging data and parking data to provide analytical reports for the government departments to provide data support traffic planning.

2, parking parking intelligent parking APP owners through the mobile phone parking parking parking APP, real-name certification, by virtue of the license plate parking reservation number to obtain two-dimensional code certificate;

3, parking spaces to guide the terminal system through the geomagnetic detectors, real-time detection of roadside parking spaces occupancy status, through the geomagnetic communication base station to the server, the real-time parking space data update to the parking spaces to guide the terminal; parking, the car parking spaces two-dimensional Code in the guide terminal scan window brush, you can receive the phone parking space information;

4, intelligent self-service payment machine Intelligent self-service payment machine with the system real-time registration of empty car data, instead of artificial intelligent charging management. Different from the traditional self-service payment machine, the intelligent self-service payment machine integrates Alipay and WeChat payment functions with an embedded mobile phone barcode payment scanning head to meet the diversified payment needs of the owner;

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