In the “Cashless” era,many areas of cash payments have gradually disappeared.The integrated “Mobile Payment” vending machine is more popular with young people. Shopping as long as the open mobile phone’s APP software,to generate QR code for mobile payment,it is simple and convenient.Compared with the traditional vending machines, qr code reader embedded into self-service Vending Machine for mobile payment,many young consumers like to choose this way of consumption.

Qr Code Reader Embedded Into Self-service Vending Machine

Self-service vending machine embedded two-dimensional barcode scanner, to give full play to two-dimensional code recognition, acquisition and data transmission performance.Docking mobile phone APP system port,to open barcode scanning mobile payment mode.According to the POS machine screen operation tips,the buyer can select the mobile APP mobile payment.The mobile phone generated payment’s two-dimensional code,the buyer put the mobile phone on the qr code reader’s window,so they can complete the payment.The whole shopping process takes only a few seconds,convenient and safe.

Qr Code Reader