Wireless Barcode Scanner Function introductions:

Stock Counting mode and real time up-loading mode ,can up-loading all storage data or new scanning data ,simple matching process ,one-one ,one-many easily setting .

•Storage :over effictive single transmission distance or interference ,scanner will storage the barcode automaticlly,stay and protect the barcode data (more than 4,000 barcodes storaged)

•Low Battery : In process of scanning or the scanner working on in standby ,and the led light is flashing ,it’s means in low battery ,need charge.

•Wireless barcode scanner Standby:Scanner non-working ,after 20seconds in stanby.

•Charge:Put the charging connector insert to the scanner mirco interface ,USB connector connect to PC or Cell-phone adaptor ,start charging ,the scanner LED light was red is means in charging,the light off is means full charge.

♦Wireless barcode scanner Install

•Use the USB insert to PC USB interface ,Windows will prompt found new hardware “USB Human input device “,and install automaticlly ,after installation will display a words”installed can use it”.if stall failed ,connect the receiver again until install succeed.

Wireless barcode scanner application:

commercial pos system(supermarkets)
warehousing and logistics
banks and telecom
postal service
industrial and manufacturing management